• Webinar Production

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    No client's needs are identical which is why we tailor our services to meet your specifications and budget. We have a team of event professionals to guide you throughout the entire process, from Pre-Webinar through Post-Webinar production. Let us handle the technology so you can focus on your message. We make it easy. We can streamline your webinar event incorporating on-line presentations, product demos, marketing/sales pitch, PowerPoint slides, video and photos. Using your license or ours, we can help you execute high profile events.

    Our events are powered by

    We also support the follow license holders:
    Adobe Connect®
    Microsoft Live Meeting®
    On24 Webcast®
  • Pre-Production Services

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    Your dedicated Event Producer can support your entire event starting with the pre-production.

    Webinar Pre-Production Services:

    • Technology provisioning
    • Platform training
    • Dry runs
    • Pre-record sessions
    • Event setup
    • Presentation design
    • Registration set-up
    • Presenter coordination
    • Account management
  • Live Event Services

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    On the day of the webinar, your dedicated Event Producer will be there to provide your presenters with individual attention as well as to offer support for your audience.

    Event Production Services:

    • Custom on-hold music, announcements, and rotating slide deck
    • Private speaker pre-conference
    • Sound and visual checks
    • Live monitoring & support
    • Custom Scripting
    • Announcing / Operator
    • Question and Answer Moderator
    • Alternative audio options and integration
    • High Quality Recording
    • Emergency Back-up Numbers

    Also consider a mock live event:

    A mock live event is a scheduled event to a previously recorded message. This is primarily used to ease a speaker's time commitment or to create a flawless delivery. We can pre-record your material or you can provide us with your recording. Some clients also choose to do a live Q&A after the recording has played.
  • Post-Production Services

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    After the recording of your webinar, we can perform any necessary edits to create a flawless video for your website, social media, and YouTube properties. If desired, you can also enhance your webinar with a customized introduction, music overlays, voiceovers, new content, and a call to action.

    Post-Webinar Production Services:

    • Report Delivery
    • Audio and video editing
    • Replay hosting and publishing
    • Transcription
  • Pricing

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    To provide an example of our pricing, two common 1 hour event packages are provided below. Please contact us for a custom quote.
    Professional Package: $899
    Standard Package $599
    Dedicated Event Producer
    Up to 1,000 Audio and Web Attendees
    Webcam / Video
    Event Set Up
    * Registration
    * Conformation Email
    * Reminder Emails
    * Poll Set Up
    * Audio Integration
    * Report Delivery
    Event Support
    * Audio and Video Checks
    * Speaker Introductions
    * Q&A Management
    * Polling Facilitation
    * Live Support
    Archive Quality
    30min Speaker Pre-Conference
    1hr Platform Training/ Dry Run
    On-hold announcements, music, and rotating slide deck.
  • No Obligation Quote

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