The risk of using the GoToWebinar and GoToMeeting “free” Recording

A client called us in a panic. Her last 2 GoToMeeting recordings weren’t working! She was able to hear the audio, but the visuals were gone. She contacted GoToMeeting and was told that they had a system issue and her recordings were affected. Ticket closed.

To our client, this was unacceptable. She paid for the main speaker and couldn’t recreate the presentation without spending more time and money. This presentation was also going to generate future revenue! Unfortunately, she learned a hard lesson. When a recording is “free” or “included” in the low monthly price, it means it is being handled by a computer, rather than a person. Therefore, the recording is not guaranteed.

If a quality webinar recording is critical to you and your business, you can’t risk it with an automated system. At, we make sure your webinar is recorded well! How? A US based engineer will support and focus on only your event! We perform a sound and visual check, monitor the recording equipment, and can even send you chats during the program if we notice something is wrong. We don’t stop there! Every webinar recording utilizes a dedicated recording station with electrical, hard drive, and internet redundancy. All insuring your webinar recording is a success!

If you’re tired of gambling with your webinar recordings, you need to give us a try. Contact us today to lean more!