Recruiting an Audience for Your Webinars

Optimize Your Webinar Registration Page - Some online conferencing programs offer a tool to register your attendees. It’s important that you find the right tool to use. Even just one extra field in your registration process can discourage attendees, so less is more when it comes to your registration page. What are you actually going to do with the information you collect? Don't ask for any more information than you absolutely have to. Keep each visitor focused. Be sure to validate each data field to ensure completeness and correctness, especially critical fields like email address and phone number.
  • Consider showing the actual number of registrations in real-time after you hit a comfortable number.
  • Send a webinar confirmation e-mail verifying each attendees registration and thanking them for their interest.
E-mail Invitations for Your Webinar - E-mails are the most common way to promote webinars, and most attendees register for webinars by e-mail. E-mail invitations should be sent out at least  2-3 weeks before your event.  A little creative thought with an e-mail invitation can go a long way in increasing your webinar attendees. Your topic is essential in bringing prospects to your event. What will your attendees learn, gain, want to hear, and will add value to their personal interests? Putting yourself in your audience’s shoes is a great way to think about e-mail copy. Your content must be customer focused, and look for ways you can help your audience. The words you use do matter. What’s in it for your customer?
  • Consider business partnerships to grow your list of a potential audience.
  • Consider prospecting and/or paying for prospective attendees. (Hoover’s, Dun & Bradstreet, Jigsaw, Spoke)
  • Subject lines are important! An effective and compelling subject can line can help increase registration. Grab their attention with a call to action.
  • Promote webinar recordings through newsletters.
  • Stick to a schedule. A little preparation and timeliness can make a big difference in webinar success.
  • We suggest a follow-up e-mail a day or two after your event outlining the agenda of your webinar. Feel free to include a call to action with links, promotions, and/or a gateway to your goal.
Engage Your Webinar Audience with Social Media - Use social media to help build your database. Engage your audience through social media before, during, and after the event. Use Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social media to influence and create a larger registration base. Consider more ways to take your webinar promotions onto social media. You may find ways to conduct current marketing efforts via social media at a lower cost. (trade shows, mailers, database prospecting, cold calling, etc)
  • A simple Twitter conversation can help promote your event. Use Facebook to create a company page.
  • A LinkedIn group can help attract, retain, and help you establish a channel for questions and feedback.
Use Video to Promote Your Webinar- Sites like YouTube have become powerful search engines and ways to promote your event. Imagery can be more powerful than words. Video can really demonstrate, promote, and help you educate your audience with more effectiveness. Video can allow you to put a personality (or multiple personalities) on your message and give a personal touch to your promotion.
  • Create a YouTube channel to create a library and segment your webinars and promotions.
  • Add multiple speakers to create dimension and help add different perspectives to your video content.
  • Repeat successful events and leverage on successful video into a series of video promotions.
  • Link video content to websites, social media, e-mail, and other channels of promotion.