Adobe Connect Recording and Editing

When you spend all that time setting up the perfect webinar using Adobe Connect 8, you also deserve a quality recording! The downside of the Adobe Connect 8 recording is the lack of quality and customization. Let me explain.

1. File Type and Replay Options: You only have 2 recording option within Adobe Connect 8. A hosted replay or a offline, low quality, FLV file. These options are okay for some but if you have an iPhone or iPad, these files will not play. Also, the FLV file is not an editable format.

2. Editing: Adobe Connect 8 allows very basic editing of their recordings without much accuracy. So If you had a great presentation but your speaker’s phone dropped for about 2 min in the middle of his presentation, you’ll struggle to remove the 2 minutes of silence.

3. Console Customization: For a live event, Adobe Connect 8 has a lot of customization via Pods. The replay offers none. The pods displayed on the console during the live event are also on the recording. As an example, the dial-in information or instructions to ask a question, will both show up in the recording, even if those pods aren’t applicable for your on-demand audience.

At we eliminate the limitations of the Adobe Connect recording by offering professional recording and editing for your events. Not only do our recordings look and sound better than the Adobe Connect Recordings, we can also edit content, replace slides, remove pods, and even customize your console to give your recording a truly professional touch. Please contact us to learn more!